The Depot in Springvale:

Please, use the new designated area
to the left of the store
DO  NOT park near the gas island.
In addition, they have made a trail from
this designated parking area
to the trail behind their store
so you won't have to travel over the pavement!

Thank you for respecting their wishes!
Sanford/Springvale Fish & Game Clubhouse
~ RT 4 in Sanford ~

Please, park near the rear of the parking lot
as the clubhouse is rented out occasionally.
DO NOT block:
the entrance to the building
or the storage garage.
Thank you and Happy Riding!
It is against the law to operate an ATV (or a dune buggy, 4 wheel drive vehicle, motorcycle
or any other motor vehicle)
on a snowmobile trail funded by the Club/Municipal grant program
at any time of the
, unless
the landowners have granted permission to do so. For ATV info,visit the site of
2016 - 2017 Season
Many local businesses help our club each year.  
They support us with their donations, ticket sales, map advertising, food, parking and more!
Be sure to visit these quality local businesses and
let them see your Snowmobile Membership Card.  
Many businesses offer member discounts!
Click here to find our local business sponsors.
Parking Areas in Sanford/Springvale