The Bureau of Parks & Land is responsible for overseeing Maine's snowmobile
program,which has over 284 snowmobile clubs involved. The Bureau also deals with Sate
Parks, Public Reserved land, ATV Programs and Boating Facilities, to name a few. To
learn more about the Bureau of Parks & Land,
click here.
Welcome to the State Agencies page. The purpose of this page is to
provide information and links to some of the State agencies
associated with snowmobiling and outdoor recreation. Take a few
minutes to learn more about Maine's people at work for you.
State Agencies
Inland Fisheries & Wildlife is also very involved with Maine's outdoors. The
Department is responsible for the enforcement of rules and regulations
governing fishing, hunting, and trapping, registration of snowmobiles,
watercraft and all terrain vehicles.  It also establishes and oversees safety
programs for  hunters, snowmobiles, and watercraft, and the issuing of
licenses and permits. To learn more about Inland Fisheries & Wildlife or to
register your snowmobile or ATV online,
click here. Need to register your
out-of-state snowmobile?
Click here to find the nearest Non-Resident Agent.