P.O. Box 1083 Sanford, ME 04073


Business Membership  $50.00      Associate Membership  $35.00

: these benefits for your business:
A listing on (next season's) State of Maine ITS Map
A subscription to the Maine Snowmobiler (monthly)
A Decal and Certificate from MSA showing affiliation
A listing in the Maine Snowmobiler paper that is
mailed to
ALL MSA members
A discount offered if you want to advertise in the Maine Snowmobiler
A link to the
southernmainesnogoers.com website

Club Trail Map

GENERAL MEETINGS: From September to April, held on the 2nd Thursday of each month
at 7:00 PM at the Sanford and Springvale Fish & Game Club building.
(Located on Route 4 in Sanford)
New members are welcomed to attend and suggestions are always encouraged.

For additional information, feel free to contact the following:
President:                  Jim Roux              490-1681
Vice President:         Paul Haven           363-4789
Board of Directors:
Andy Deschambault                  646-4121
Dave Leck                                324-9009
Don Roux                                  608-9974
Don Allaire          432-6557
Secretary:                 Steve Perham       324-9609
Treasurer:                Steve Duplisea:    646-5522