Southern Maine Sno-Goers Business Membership Application

Date: ____________                (  ) New        (  ) Renewal         (  ) Business        (  ) Associate

Business Name: __________________________________________

Business Owner Name
(Person seeking membership): ____________________________________________

Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________        State: ____________     

Zip Code: ____________

Business Phone Number: _______________________    

Business E-mail Address: _____________________________________

(Please detach at dashed line and mail with check to SMSSC, PO Box 1083, Sanford, ME 04073)
Business Membership Application
Business Membership - $50
Associate Membership - $35
A listing on (next season's) State of Maine ITS Map
A subscription to the Maine Snowmobiler
A Decal and Certificate from MSA showing affiliation
A listing in the Maine Snowmobiler paper that is
mailed to ALL MSA members (monthly)
A discount offered if
you want to advertise in the Maine Snowmobiler
A link to the website
Our Associate Business Membership is for a business that is already an
MSA  business member with another club.  
Proof of existing membership required.

benefits listed above are include: